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Massage Services
An Overview With Pricing
Massage Services


60 Min = $70 | 90 Min = $105 | 2 Hours = $140

Enjoy our version of the old classic Swedish massage.  This light to medium pressure full body kneading will leave you relaxed and energized. A feel good massage!


30 Min = $45 | 60 Min = $80 | 90 Min = $120

Create your own rejuvenating massage experience. We’ll focus on the areas you need to be kneaded with the pressure you prefer. Deep tissue available.



30 Min = $45 | 60 Min = $80

Just that . .the back! We’ll focus on the most common region of stress and discomfort. Medium, Firm or Deep tissue to knead those knots!

MOM TO BE KNEADS / side-lying

30 Min = $45 | 60 Min = $80 | 90 Min = $120

A massage for the expecting mother. With this massage you be positioned comfortably to enjoy full-body massage while pregnant or if laying flat is not comfortable.  This massage will ease tension and soothe the mind.


60 Min = $95 | 90 Min = $140

Indulge the body as heated stones are incorporated into the massage to aid in deeper muscle work. The heat promotes relaxation of the muscles and helps ease the tension away! Choose your preferred pressure to make this a much “kneaded” escape.

ADD-on or on their own:


20 Minutes = $39 | $29 added to 60 min+ session

Oooh-ahhh! Enjoy a hypnotizing scalp, neck, and face massage. Feel free to add this to any service for additional relaxation.


20 Minutes = $39 | $29 added to 60 min+ session

Stand a lot? Walk a lot? This is a good old fashioned foot rub! Your calves and feet will be indulged in TLC.


30 min. : $50 added to 60 min+ session | $60 on its own

Experience this refreshing and relaxing dry brushing of the body. This full body exfoliation is a great way to improve circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, stimulates the lymph system and soften the skin.


2 cone treatment $40 added to 60 min+ session | $50 on its own

This ancient, holistic treatment helps reduce pressure and build-up in the ear canal. Great for those who are congested or have allergies.

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